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August / Rudolph / Onto F30

Zustand: Gebraucht
Wafer-Size: 6″/150mm, 8″/200mm


-Platform is specified for ISO5

-Filter wheel with color selection (RGB)

-1x, 3x, 5x, 10x , 20x review

-Has a OCR reader

-Dark field function implemented

-It can use the Discovery/True ADC software for offline review

-CD measurements are possible, but there is no separate optic available for this

-Bare wafers only. Must be modified if sawn wafers are on frame

The F30™ System represents a cutting-edge inspection tool that bridges the gap between dark field micro inspection and traditional macro inspection. Its purpose is to seamlessly integrate automated defect inspection for both front-end and outgoing quality (OQA) applications. This system features a turret equipped with five different objectives, which caters to the contemporary demands of multi-process inspection tasks, offering a balance between resolution and throughput. Empowered by an advanced suite of productivity-enhancing features, the F30 System reshapes expectations surrounding the cost of ownership for inspection processes. Its throughput can reach up to 120 wafers per hour at a resolution of 10µm, with a remarkable resolution flexibility spanning from 10µm down to 0.5µm.

Additionally, the F30 System introduces three concurrent methods for reviewing color defects: an on-the-fly approach, a high-resolution option, and a whole-wafer method. These choices empower users with versatile defect review capabilities. The F30 System excels in a wide array of applications, including After Develop Inspection (ADI), Fab Outgoing Quality Assurance (QA), Post Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) inspection, and After Etch Inspection. Furthermore, it offers compatibility with edge and backside modules, rendering it a comprehensive solution for inspecting all surfaces.

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