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The Dragonfly G2 platform is a new, modular system that delivers up to 150% improvement in productivity over legacy systems and exceeds competitive system throughputs. It combines 2D with 3D Truebump™ Technology for accurate copper pillar/bump height measurements, and uses Clearfind™ Technology to detect non-visual residue defects. Advanced sensor technology measures 3D features and CD metrology. The platform is specifically designed to measure, collect, and analyze data from bump interconnects nearing 100 million bumps per wafer using Rudolph’s Discover® software and advanced computing architecture. This provides a flexible, plug-and-play solution for improved productivity and accuracy in the measurement of bump interconnects.

1) Flexible wafer scheduler that accommodates different

combinations of inspection and metrology modules

2) Semi S8 ergonomic design

3) Increased usability with new operator-centric user interface

4) Flexible recipe management through true database checkout/

check-in procedure

5) Automated whole wafer handling

6) Dual (2) cassette platforms with auto cassette detection

7) Minimal contact end effector

8) Includes a fully-enclosed 200mm Wafer Handler hood

9) Robot with integrated mapper and pre-aligner

10) Fully programmable light tower

11) Full host-comm support with appropriate host-comm options.

12) E116 – Equipment Performance Tracking

13) support for 300 mm standards:

o E87 – carrier management

o E90 – substrate tracking

o E40 – process job management

o E94 – control job management

o Full support for E5, E37, E37.1


Software & License Assy,Perm,Oracle,Std Ed Database

Software & License, Oracle Demonstration

Rack Assy, DARBU Servers

Server Rack Assembly, ISG

Objective, Mitutoyo, Lg Wkng Dist, 1X

1 X Objective – Long working distance – Mitutoyo

Objective, Mitutoyo, Lg Wkng Dist, 5X

5 X Objective – Long working distance – Mitutoyo

Objective, Mitutoyo, Lg Wkng Dist, 10X

10 X Objective – Long working distance – Mitutoyo

CNF, Objective, RTEC, 2x, Configured

Objective, Mitutoyo, Lg Wkng Dist, 20x

20 X Objective – Long working distance – Mitutoyo

Option, Ringlight Assy, Harl-H, Dragonfly

Option, HARL Illumination & Delivery Assy, Dragonfly

Option, Dragonfly Metrology, VT-SS Sensor

Option, Bar Code Reader, SWS/XFP

Option, Ionizer, Point of Use, SWS

OCR, Dual, Install Assy, WHS200

Dual OCR, WHS200

The Optical Character Reader (OCR) is designed to provide

flexibilty to customers that need to ability to optically read characters

on the top and bottom of the wafer. Refer to ProCat for codews,

fonts, and specifications supported by this OCR. Requires software

version 9.0 to accommodate this option.

Option, 3rd Party Cert of 200mm Cal/Verif Wafer, XSoft

Option, 5635 Ionizer Kit, NSX330 Standalone

Aerobar 5635 ionizer for the inspection tool

CAP3057, End Effector, Thin, Oval

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